西川千代 Chiyo Nishikawa




Kim De Guzman

Hi Everyone!

My name is Kim, but you can call me “Kimmy”. I’m from the Philippines, the land of bananas (and other things too). I love traveling so I found myself visiting different places like Europe and Asia right after university and I began to learn all about different cultures.

But I have always been interested in Japanese culture so I soon came to Hokkaido, Japan some 4 odd years ago. And now I’m seeking out new adventures here in Shikoku!

Studying English can seem daunting but don’t worry— the teachers and the students at UCS are all very nice and very fun to talk to! And I think that’s one thing that you, as an English learner, should place the utmost importance to!

If you want to experience all the world has to offer, how can you do it without having the tools to reach out and explore it, right? The first step is to cast aside your fears and just speak!

We are looking forward to meeting you so please come and visit us!