西川千代 Chiyo Nishikawa




Ren Choi

Hello everyone!

I’m Ren and I’m from Toronto, Canada. We’re well known for maple syrup and hockey and some other things too. I love playing Pokémon Go and travelling so you’ll likely find me walking around and exploring my surroundings everywhere I go. I’ve been able to play Pokémon Go in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Canada, America and Japan.

I have been in Japan for a bit over a year now (in Osaka) and I would like to continue to learn more Japanese and more about Japanese culture and history. I now live in Uwajima and I hope to speak to more Japanese people, make new friends and adventures here.  

 Studying English might seem intimidating but everyone here at UCS is great and we all have a fun time talking and learning together. I hope that you will come to visit us and learn with us soon!